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PSA Oxygen Concentrator Designs

1. ISRO – Concentrator

ISRO  & Vikram Sarabhai Space Center has developed a portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator (MOC).  Entrepreneurs interested in obtaining the technology are requested to contact them.

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2. Tata Group – Oxygen Concentrator

Tata Consulting Engineering (TCE)  Emergency Response to FIGHT COVID

1. Use of Compressor head without a tank to reduce overall weight and cost of the compressor

2. 2 nos. of cooling coils considering the ambient temperature in India
3. Low-cost Silica Gel Dryer bed to improve O2 Concentration

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4. M-19 Oxygen Concentrator

Re-engineered a US-based design to work in the Indian environment with indigenously sourced parts Knowledge creation and documentation of the M19 Oxikit Validation of the M19 Oxikit

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Oxygen Generation Methods

Other Oxygen related components

How Do Oxygen Sensors Work?

Oxygen sensors are devices that measure the proportion of oxygen in the liquid or the gas being analyzed.[source] Today, these sensors are used in various

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