about Project oxy

Everyone is playing their part in helping people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The scarcity of medical oxygen supply was something that we as engineers felt we could address, by building a low-cost and high-quality oxygen concentrator and publishing the design for others to use for free.

Our team of experienced individuals from a variety of domains then joined forces to build a prototype of an oxygen concentrator, using the parts available locally. Check back in a few days to see the details.

*Note: Our design is inspired by an open-source project by “oxikit.com”. 

While we have made progress on our initial goal, there are groups that have made more progress than us. Check back in a few days to see them. 

In addition to publishing our design, we knew it was important to ensure it reached many people. A team of UX/UI designers, software developers, quality assurance engineers, bloggers and social media professionals came together to create a web portal to provide other resources related to oxygen. Along the way, we realized we could do much more due to the diverse set of skills our team possessed.

 If you want to join this cause, check the Volunteer with Us page 

The following are some of our key initiatives:

For Oxygen Concentrator/Cylinder Users and Covid Patients/Relatives

  • Concentrator usage instructions
  • Maintenance &  repairs
  • User (seeker) registration
  • Seller/rental listings
  • Health issues related to it
  • Video interviews with medical and research professionals from their locality – national and international on most current issues
  • Easy access to relevant information published by official sources
  • Content in local language

For NGOs, Small Rural Hospitals, Donors, and Volunteers

  • Provide a forum to publish their initiatives in a format that is easy for donors and volunteers to find and establish contact with each other.

For Investors

  • Publish opportunities to invest in services and manufacturing
  • Provide contact details of teams working on products or looking for investments

For Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

  • Links to formal and in-formal research institutions and groups working on Covid-19

Inventors, Engineers & DIY Makers

  • Publish our engineering research
  • Publish the designs of products in the market or under development. 
  • Publish information from USPTO (US Patents and Trademarks Office) and other published material necessary to design products by collaborating with patent holders 
  • Publish information on current research initiatives of other groups and institutions
  • Publish information on parts availability, local manufacturers
  • Provide a forum for collaborating with other inventors, engineers, and stakeholders